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2023 US Flag Forever Stamps Roll


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The stamp, which is being issued in booklets of 20, panes of 20, and coils of 100, 3,000, and 10,000, bears a?straightforward graphic?design of the red, white, and blue. Providing a solid foundation for the flag are the word FREEDOM in a gray slab sans Sert font and, below it, FOREVER / USA in a smaller sans serif font, The manner in which the text is positioned suggests the endurance of freedom as a core value.

The flag serves as a visual reminder of the array of freedoms that Americans enjoy. lts design dates to 1777 when the?Continent Congress?specified 13 horizontal stripes and 13 stars to honor the 13 original colonies. Various versions of the early flag continued to be used until, in 1818, the US. Congress standardized the design, mandating 13 stripes forever but a star for every state. Another act of Congress, in 1947, set the date for each new star’s official addition to the flag as the July 4 following the state’s admission to the Union. The last time the flag changed was July 4, 1960, after Hawaii achieved statehood the previous August.

Art director Antonio Alcala designed the stamp with existing art by Hong?Lithe?2023 U.S. Flag stamp is being issued as a Forever stamp. This Forever stamp wil always be equal in value to the current First-Class Mail one ounce rate.

General Questions

A: We legally acquire our postage stamps from businesses and the general public; from leftover business mailings and company liquidations, to wedding invitations and stamp collections. Our process, product acquisition, and transactions are legally backed by our all-star legal team. All transactions are in compliance with the laws of the United States of America.

A: Yes. They are authentic USPS issued postage. All of our postage undergoes a series of tests for authenticity, and is money-back guaranteed to our customers. All fraudulent and counterfeit items we receive are reported to the United States Postal Inspectors Office. We have aided law enforcement in several fraudulent and counterfeit postage cases over the past years, and have direct access to an inspector agent representative specializing in such cases.

A: Yes. There are no laws or regulations prohibiting the buying and selling of second-hand postage for less than face value. Just ask a stamp collector.

A: All of our postage is in complete sheets, books, or rolls. Unless otherwise stated, they are unfolded and in post-office-fresh new condition, ready for resale.

A: No. We can sell our postage to anyone as long as their purpose is to use the postage to mail items.


A: Yes, these are Forever Stamps so they will always be equal to the value of one ounce, first-class letter in the U.S. The stamps can be used to mail a letter, or towards the total postage cost of any US-PS shipment, or can be saved as a collectible.

A: Yes. We accept returned items within 14 days from when they were confirmed delivered. We will provide a refund in full for all items that are returned in the original condition in which they were received. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information about returns.

A: No. The sales tax law states “Gross receipts from the sale of U.S. Postal Service stamps sold for the purpose of postage are not subject to tax.”

A: No. Our margins are small and we set our pricing at our lowest prices.

A: Once you place your order we will hold your items for up to 10 days to allow you time to make your payment. If no payment is received within that time, you will be notified and the items will be relisted in our store. If your payment arrives after we’ve relisted your items and they are no longer available for sale, we will return the payment back to you.


A: It depends on your payment method, and when you send it.
All orders will be put on hold for up to 10 days from the date the order was placed until payment is received. Your items will be removed from our website and will no longer be available for sale to anyone during the holding time.
Once payment is received by us, we require an additional holding time from the date it was received to allow for the payment to completely process and clear. Payments by check will require up to 4 business days.

A: Domestic shipping is always free. All items are sent via US-PS Priority Mail with tracking and signature confirmation. We will send you an email to let you know when your items have shipped, and we will provide you with a tracking number.

Customers reviews

Reviews (183)
  1. V. West

    Gift cards in a box are so cute and effortless especially during busy time of year!

  2. judy philipp

    As pictured

  3. Kindle Customer

    These stamps worked really well.

  4. Alberta Graham

    I had to send a bunch of letters to some family and friends and the these stamps were very beautiful. I like the change from United States Flags.

  5. Sheila Cadmus

    Works fine.

  6. Lover of life briana

    And that’s what I got!

  7. tammy burroughs Donna maloney

    Love them. Had fun putting them on envelopes.

  8. Sharon K Benton

    Used them on all my holiday cards. They cane in a pertective sleeve. All in great shape. Will buy them again.

  9. Brena

    This stamp design has beautiful bright colors, very cheerful.

  10. josefina tabullo Long Energy LLC – Products

    Love these stamps! Having them come to the house is great!

  11. Ellie Green

    I love the product, thank God i was able 2 afford the product

  12. B. E. Nutt

    Beautiful stamps. Happy with them

  13. Deartra Poulson

    Very beautiful!
    And easy to use,very convenient,good value for the money and heart adhesive!
    Thank you!

  14. Anni

    Will use for next year’s Christmas cards & won’t get stuck with ugly stamps that USPS has to offer because they misjudged what the public would want!

  15. V. A. Trammell

    Great value and USA forever stamps!

  16. Deb Goodwin

    Appreciated the Christmas art and stamp design.

  17. Earth Childe

    I really like to send Christmas cards to people!!

  18. Gwen Shawn Newell

    The only way to get stamps- fast delivery, no lines, no waiting.

  19. Gaston S. Courtney Leopard

    I lpve my holiday wreath stamps!

  20. jody

    Holiday Wreaths 5 books of 20 F.

  21. Alexandra

    I found it easy to do….not going to a P..O. /or supermarket that sell stamps.

  22. Elaine M. Gartin

    Holiday stamps for specific holidays are very handy.

  23. Mary Vondra

    Birthday and Christmas cards and miscellaneous mail.

  24. Mary DeAngelis

    Love Christmas Forever Stamps!

  25. Kate in AZ

    Nice for the holidays

  26. Dorothy P. marie Brick

    Best value

  27. AprilDumas

    The stamps will look great on our Christmas cards.

  28. Michele

    Quick and we’ll packaged.

  29. L. B. Ross

    Stamps are Stamps

  30. Mary J. Hopkins Kathleen Henderson

    Regular stamps, all good

  31. Cathy S

    Yes, love them! Beautiful and fun!

  32. Shantress wise

    Awesome stamp

  33. WOODY

    Reasonable price

  34. Lilyla Disavores

    came as promised! Beautiful!

  35. Jeanette Gamboa

    Needed some stamps for my wedding invites and these were adorable.

  36. Linda Stephens

    Great. They’re stamps. Not a lot to say here.

  37. Nancy m raynaud

    Thank you so much

  38. Linda

    They are just some good stamps yo?

  39. L A park

    These are the exact ones that are offered at the post office. It saved me a trip there.

  40. Sheila Cadmus

    So pretty! If your wedding colors are mauve or purple and green, these are perfect for your Bridal Shower, Engagement Notices, Save the Dates, Invitations, and Thank You Notes!

  41. Edward Mildebrandt

    It’s price and quick shipment.

  42. J Manzanares

    Stamps were put into a packages with another item and were bent and had creases upon arrival.

  43. Roy

    Postage stamps arrived quickly and were well packaged. I have not use yet, but, they appear to be perfect as I expected. I am pleased with this order.

  44. Alyssa

    What needs to be said about them, you put them on envelops, mail them and they get throw away.

  45. redlin51

    Love these stamps I will purchase them again it saves me from going to the post office

  46. Curly Productions


  47. Deborah L. Gagnon

    Just like the photo, or even better, now that I can touch them! Used them to send letters, so fun!

  48. Faybuckley In Tallahassee

    They are beautiful!

  49. Juan C Depablo

    Super cute and came in on time.

  50. Marjorie Dorbolo

    There are really cute and was packed well.

  51. Barb Stokes

    nice flower stamp

  52. norma schattel

    They were sticky stamps.


    Love these little stamps!! We purchased these for our wedding Invites!

  54. Hippie

    Use stamps for postage

  55. alv

    Convenience! Convenience! Like the bouquet

  56. Brenda Hayes Jenny

    So easy to order and no trips to the post office

  57. Julie Reno George

    This was a great value buy and no waiting at the post office! Quick and easy!

  58. Mary Gemski

    Just what I wanted ! Very pretty stamps for our wedding invitations

  59. Jung

    Exactly as described. You can get stamps cheaper at the post office or from a UPS store, but I needed them during a weekend when those weren’t open.

  60. Maureen S.

    Very convenient and easy to use

  61. prophesybuff


  62. Donna Newton

    Very pretty stamps! Used for shower invitations. Fast delivery.

  63. Donna

    These were as described and they look fine on envelopes

  64. Paul McDowell Barbara Knighton

    Great quality and amazing service and fast shipping

  65. KHW

    I love mine flowers?

  66. marje

    I love these stamps, and the seller did a great job of packaging them so they arrived in pristine condition, with a bonus stamp!

  67. Aamna Vawda

    Much better than waiting in line at the post office.

  68. Lori Windsor

    They’re stamps, and they function like stamps. Not sure how I really am to review stamps, but that about sums it up.

  69. V. S. Kilgore


  70. Diane Arnold worm

    Beautiful stamps. Happy with them

  71. Linda Fitzgerald

    geraldine taylor


    Good product…..forever stamps!

  73. Renee

    The flowers on these stamps are so pretty! They all remind me of the springtime.

  74. Mary Neufeld

    Stamps what else to say there beautiful flower ones

  75. StacyL

    The perfect touch to a letter written from the heart

  76. Barbara J Rock KB

    Good stuff

  77. Ashlee Stephens

    These stamps were exactly as expected. No complaints. Arrived in a timely manner.

  78. Mary Claeson

    These are good, just can’t believe how much the price of stamps keep going up.

  79. A.L. KD

    convenient don’t have to use water to make them stick
    I would buy again and recommend them.

  80. Donne

    Beautiful pictures of flowers to dress up any envelope!

  81. Elisabeth Jones

    Beautiful stamps, good quality data good price.

  82. mary pollock K. Bender

    Stamps are stamps. They are colorful and saved me a trip to the post office.

  83. Vic

    Have nothing to say

  84. KL08

    I love these stamps! So pretty on the envelope when I mail cards.

  85. Janet Ryan

    Love putting these beautiful stamps on Birthday Cards, Thank You Cards and Anniversary Cards.

  86. gayleb

    Great product!

  87. tammy burroughs Donna maloney

    I need some more n

  88. Sally Smith


  89. Alberta Graham

    I had to send a bunch of letters to some family and friends and the these stamps were very beautiful. I like the change from United States Flags.

  90. Senior

    Love the beautiful flowers on stamps

  91. S.Jones


  92. Barbara A Wallace

    Beautiful flowers!

  93. Keep It Simple

    Glad I can get this product

  94. Jake

    Beautiful for a gift !!

  95. Careful buyer

    I love the product, thank God i was able 2 afford the product

  96. B. E. Nutt


  97. mikki thiele

    These stamps are very pretty. Just as pictured but even prettier.

  98. Miss OCD @ 67

    Adhesion seems really good. Not sure if they are cheaper at the post office, but it was easier to order them, then to have to go to the Post office

  99. colleen

    Love outdoors animals & flowers.

  100. Casey Baldwin

    Great stamps. They do what they need to do.

  101. Tyler Stores

    These are beautiful. I choose these for personal mail. They are too nice for bill payments.

  102. Tiffany

    Love the design

  103. Margaret

    Perfecto recurso para tener en cuenta, siempre necesarias para el hogar, buen dise?o y cantidad

  104. Gabby Quintero

    Very pretty~

  105. Maria

    nice stamps

  106. Susan Starr

    Beautiful Item

  107. Adulting For The Win

    These are beautiful 221 forever stamps.

  108. Jake R.

    Pretty stamps that stick well

  109. Brendon

    Liked the beautiful flowers.

  110. Kindle Customer janet w.

    Stamps are perfect

  111. Patricia

    Great value for the money

  112. jacalyn Werkheiser

    Very convenient. With the way the world is this year made it easy without waiting in lines.

  113. Old Soldier

    Nice quality, a variety that will be used for many years.

  114. Patty Broadie

    Post office was completely out and these arrived within days

  115. A Solomon

    Convenient that I was able to order these Holiday stamps on Amazon

  116. Maria


  117. Susan Starr

    Love my stamps . Will be ordering more

  118. Robert Anthony

    Good holiday stamps

  119. Senior

    Used stamps to send Christmas cards.

  120. S.Jones

    Thank you – love the design & promptness of the order shipped!

  121. Barbara A Wallace

    Appreciated the Christmas art and stamp design.

  122. Keep It Simple

    Loved them

  123. Jake

    Wonderful stamps!

  124. Careful buyer

    Pretty good price for stamps from what I’ve seen

  125. Robert Anthony

    Already used the cute bunny’s up it they worth 20 cents for post cards it take four of them to send first class letter so they can be used for letters just put four of them on one

  126. Kindle Customer S. Flores

    inexpensive and I use it for mailings

  127. Jenny

    Works great

  128. Dorothy zeigler

    Christmas postage

  129. Xiomy

    Great price

  130. Richard B

    Neatly packed package.

  131. Annie Hendry

    nice additional to my collection

  132. Anni

    I like having plenty of stamps on hand, and these fit the bill.

  133. V. A. Trammell

    Thank you, I now have a safer way for person without a car who is old to pay her bills.

  134. Deb Goodwin

    I love these stamps!

  135. Diane S.

    Very cute to buy, I USD them twice now and I love them

  136. Sharon K Benton

    their stamps lol

  137. Kathy Alexander

    Bets going to the post office!

  138. Vic

    These forever stamps represent our country in a special way

  139. KL08

    Arrived on time. Good deal for the time frame I needed arrival.

  140. amdonna

    How nice to buy stamps while shopping online. No waiting in line somewhere. Nice pictures on these. That makes it a good deal.

  141. Julie Seidelman Veronica V.

    Yes, love them! Beautiful and fun!

  142. Chewy

    The seller is always on time; the stamps are lovely and different! A very nice “go to” seller! 🙂

  143. redlin51

    I like the easy way to get the stamps delivered to me. These particular stamps are very pretty. I like putting stamps like this on the envelopes I mail.

  144. Punkin570

    Thank you so much

  145. Gwen Shawn Newell

    Needed stamps. Purchased stamps. Received stamps. 5 stars.

  146. Susan Starr

    Cheap and easy. Better than going to post office

  147. Diane S.

    They came on time. Plus, they were cute.

  148. Faith M.

    I can confirm that these are definitely stamps. They stick to an envelope and the mail carrier will take away your letters or packages. Really though, great stamps at a great price that saves a trip to the post office.

  149. Mary Neufeld

    Nice product

  150. sue hepler

    These stamps are just as if I went to the post office and bought them. Very convenient since I ordered stationery and this was send as a gift.

  151. sharon widel

    I had no idea stamps could be bought from the website. This will work wonderfully for me because I cannot leave the home.

  152. Margo H.

    They certainly are stamps

  153. Antony

    What’s to say.. they are stamps. I got roses so I was happy

  154. Kindle Customer

    Loved the variety

  155. April

    So much easier than standing in line!

  156. Fredrick J. Reynolds Nomie

    Well packed, not waded up!

  157. D.

    Real stamps. Lol.

  158. Warren

    good product, fast delivery

  159. esperanza

    I enjoyed getting them in the handy little zip lock bag.

  160. regina b.

    Stamps needed when we were on vacation

  161. Kindle Customer

    So conveniently delivered to my mailbox avoiding having to come into contact with people during these sad dangerous covit-19 times

  162. Debbie Scott

    very easy to buy for a low vision person.

  163. Sally Smith

    Needed them for every day

  164. Mary Ellen Nash


  165. Stacy

    Nice words

  166. Lover of life briana

    And that’s what I got!

  167. Eileen

    arrived as it was stated

  168. B. E. Nutt

    Fun to send to kids

  169. AZ

    Used it to mail bills

  170. D. Forrest

    I bought these for a friend that could not get them for herself.

  171. Norm H.

    Product arrived quickly and they are as stated by seller.

  172. TamRN Diane Johnson

    I like all my stuff to be all cute, when I used these they definitely made my envelope just pop with color and sooo cute!

  173. J K Lehr

    Product arrived on-time, not damaged. Needed these stamps during a certain period. I am a satisfied customer who love this product.

  174. K. Mccargo

    Like the Variety in the stamps we’re very happy that website sell stamps

  175. J. Marie

    I know where I’m getting my stamps from now on lol. Nice product. They come on a sheet of paper. Fine by me.

  176. Larry M Muehl

    I’m happy with the stamps they’re such nice scenes.

  177. Kim D

    Writing letters to neighbors

  178. Kim Husted

    I like the pictures

  179. Flea

    Convivence and style and that they are “Forever Stamps”.

  180. Carmen

    I’m happy I was able too order this.

  181. Thrifty

    Great value and quick delivery

  182. Donna Trice

    They were sticky. My mail got delivered they’re stamps

  183. Barbara Moriarta

    These stamps will come in handy for writing notes or letters or cards

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