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2023 US Flag Forever Stamps Sheet


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The 2023 US Flag Forever Stamps Sheet is a remarkable collection of stamps that proudly displays the American flag. This sheet contains a series of stamps featuring the vibrant colors and iconic design of the US flag, paying homage to the spirit of freedom and resilience that the United States represents. Each stamp is meticulously crafted, showcasing the beauty and symbolism of the American flag, capturing the essence of unity and liberty.

This stamp sheet goes beyond being just a collector’s item; it is a statement of American values. Whether used to send letters to loved ones or kept as a treasured keepsake, these stamps evoke a sense of love and respect for the United States. They serve as not only decorative embellishments for mail but also as a representation of American identity.

Moreover, these stamps are “Forever Stamps,” meaning that their value remains consistent regardless of any future postage rate increases. This makes the 2023 US Flag Forever Stamps Sheet a valuable and practical collectible, suitable for both philatelists and those looking to aesthetically enhance their mail.

The 2023 US Flag Forever Stamps Sheet brings forth a sense of pride and honor, showcasing the unique charm of the United States to the world. Whether as a gift or for personal collection, this stamp sheet will undoubtedly become a cherished possession for anyone who has a deep appreciation and love for America.

General Questions

A: We legally acquire our postage stamps from businesses and the general public; from leftover business mailings and company liquidations, to wedding invitations and stamp collections. Our process, product acquisition, and transactions are legally backed by our all-star legal team. All transactions are in compliance with the laws of the United States of America.

A: Yes. They are authentic USPS issued postage. All of our postage undergoes a series of tests for authenticity, and is money-back guaranteed to our customers. All fraudulent and counterfeit items we receive are reported to the United States Postal Inspectors Office. We have aided law enforcement in several fraudulent and counterfeit postage cases over the past years, and have direct access to an inspector agent representative specializing in such cases.

A: Yes. There are no laws or regulations prohibiting the buying and selling of second-hand postage for less than face value. Just ask a stamp collector.

A: All of our postage is in complete sheets, books, or rolls. Unless otherwise stated, they are unfolded and in post-office-fresh new condition, ready for resale.

A: No. We can sell our postage to anyone as long as their purpose is to use the postage to mail items.


A: Yes, these are Forever Stamps so they will always be equal to the value of one ounce, first-class letter in the U.S. The stamps can be used to mail a letter, or towards the total postage cost of any US-PS shipment, or can be saved as a collectible.

A: Yes. We accept returned items within 14 days from when they were confirmed delivered. We will provide a refund in full for all items that are returned in the original condition in which they were received. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information about returns.

A: No. The sales tax law states “Gross receipts from the sale of U.S. Postal Service stamps sold for the purpose of postage are not subject to tax.”

A: No. Our margins are small and we set our pricing at our lowest prices.

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Customers reviews

Reviews (32)
  1. K.D.

    Cute Christmas stamps, pristine condition.

  2. Dorothy P. marie Brick

    Best value

  3. Barb Stokes

    nice flower stamp

  4. Jaydeenie

    I like the different flowers

  5. Xiomy

    Great price

  6. Mary Wilson

    Love these stamps. 3rd time ordered. Great delivery and price.

  7. A Solomon

    These are cute additions to my mail. Would recommend.

  8. ann

    I bought these bc my daughter needed them quickly. They are beautiful!!

  9. Punkin570

    Stamps are very pretty. Should dress up my bills nicely

  10. Susan Starr

    these stamps are pretty ands that’s why I like them

  11. W. J. Plein

    I do a lot of letter writing at this time. Price of postage is good.

  12. TamRN Diane Johnson

    This product was so needed and made convenient for me to order, and ship to my elderly Mom out-of-state. She loved them.

  13. Candace Mathews

    These stamps will come in handy for writing notes or letters or cards

  14. Margaret

    Very convenient. With the way the world is this year made it easy without waiting in lines.

  15. NKB

    Love my stamps . Will be ordering more

  16. J. Bohannon

    I always use holiday stamps on Christmas cards. These are one of my favorites.

  17. Catherine Andersen

    I read the comments and I was a little bit iffy about ordering but actually these are great they do what there suppose to

  18. Johnny Franck

    I really like the stamp, but there was a delay on delivery

  19. Joe

    Christmas cards

  20. Ellen C.

    Loved them but accidently threw the envelope they came in out. Boy was I ever bummed out!

  21. D.

    Arrived on time. Perfect for my holiday cards.

  22. regina b.

    Perfect for my holiday cards.

  23. Wende K. Allen

    Stamps are beautiful, arrived on time.

  24. Donna Guin

    Thank you.

  25. joan timchek


  26. AprilDumas ReGina Pickens

    Always convenient to order on line.

  27. Linda Crabill

    Very pretty wreaths on stamps. Plan to use for Christmas cards and holiday mai.

  28. Katie R.

    Variety, Color

  29. UrOldLady

    I love it

  30. Joyce Tourigny

    Liked everything about them, nice picture and colors.

  31. 66novacoupe

    came fast. easy to stick. and beautiful flowers. would buy again because i like my postage to be on theme. these were for baby shower thank you cards

  32. MBR

    Much more appropriate than the Snoopy ones which I was sent by mistake.

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